October 14, 2022

PreSchool Train Flannel Board

I created this flannel board kit for use with our preschool story time coming up. I couldn't find any matching train set graphics that I liked, so I whipped one up in Canva and thought it might help others. Enjoy!

First I used Canva to create train parts using basic shapes. Then added a number to each. You can access the actual file I created here. I printed the PDF at 90% scale size, if you print at full size, each train piece fills a full page.

After printing, I cut mine out with a tiny white border and then put them through the laminator. A little bit of velcro on the back and it's ready for story time!

Here's the rhyme I used for our flannel board time:

Clickety clack! Clickety clack! 
Here comes the train on the railroad track.
Clickety clunn! Clickety clunn!
Here comes engine number one.
Clickety clew! Clickety clew!
Here comes coal car number two.
Clickety clee! Clickety clee!
Here comes box car number three.
Clickety clore! Clickety clore!
Here comes tank car number four.
Clickety clive! Clickety clive!
Here comes coach car number five.
Clickety clicks! Clickety clicks!
Here comes caboose, that's number six.
There goes the train on the railroad track.
Choo choo and clickety clack!

Was this resource helpful? Should I make and share more flannel board resources?

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