August 2, 2022

Sundial Review

SundialSundial by Catriona Ward
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Two sisters. One perfect, one not. One of them can see dead things and is fascinated by the morbid. A life or death situation makes it evident that things must change. The bad streak must go. So off to the Sundial, the family homestead, to get things sorted out.

Trigger warnings for violence, child abuse and animal abuse. 

This was not the book for me. It wasn’t poorly written, I just couldn’t get invested with any of the characters. That’s important for my tastes. To be able to relate or root for at least one character. I disliked them all. So much hate between all of them. Seriously, just about every chapter had a slap…

The last 20% of the book was better than the rest by far. It finally was picking up pace and stitching things together. Maybe I expected too much? I’m not sure. I always feel so guilty not enjoying a book I hear others rave over. But I just didn’t. Pass on this one unless you absolutely love desert based stories or if you have to read every single thriller there is.

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