January 30, 2023

Book Review - The Change by Kirsten Miller

The ChangeThe Change by Kirsten Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m calling it. This will be a movie.

It felt a bit like Practical Magic with the cozy seaside vibes and strength of sisterhood. But also these women are badass witches who won’t hesitate to do what needs done to balance the scales…

The characters were each very well fleshed out, real and multifaceted. Really enjoyed getting to know each one of them! The plot thickened and thickened. Made me speak out loud a few times. So many times I said “oh…” the mystery to be unwound, was good. The magic system was really intriguing. There is a lot of detail put in for character back stories. As in like you’ll be reading one chapter about the current events and then the next will be a flash back to one particular characters experience with their dad or something. Relevant because it further builds up the character and well written, but I could see how some might not enjoy that. I did though.

Good read. Now adapt it to a movie please. I beg you.

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