November 23, 2022

OwlCrate November 2022 - Dark Heart of the Forest - Unboxing

 My sweet and sassy Siamese, Poe, helped unbox OwlCrate's November box today. That is Sherlock peering behind. I think Poe might possibly just be waiting for the box. Cat reasons!

The theme for November 2022 is Dark Heart of the Forest. Let's open the collectible luggage pin first. I love the little envelopes these comes in. This year, we got a different pin each month, all shaped like luggage and featuring popular books.

The pin is designed by Hey Atlas Creative and inspired by the book From Blood And Ash. I really like how detailed each of these pins are. They have a little bit of weight to them too and feel solid in the hand.

Next up in the box...

This little trinket I wasn't sure of. It's a clear gel circle. Unassuming... it's a reusable hand warmer! You snap the little metal tab inside and it heats itself. Then just boil it to make it ready for next time. It is supposed to be a really cold winter here, so I'm going to stick this in my purse just in case.

Next up in the November OwlCrate box was this cute little box.

This is the fourth piece of the Lord of the Rings bowl set. These bowls are so pretty! I have them stacked in my curio cabinet. It's hard to see, but the little silver details are lovely.

Next up in box a cute little drawstring bag that reads "perhaps there is magic in the forest."

It's a soap dish! Such a cute little dish. The leaf pops in and holds a bar of soap up to drain. I was going to post this up on my Mercari page, but Bryan snatched it up for himself!

Next up is something I could've used last weekend...

A travel toothbrush set. The toothbrush handle is made of wood and the case has a nice textured feel to it. This will be great for me to use when traveling. No more toothbrush in a Ziploc!

Next up is the probably the star of the show (minus the book)...

This is the OwlCrate 2023 reading journal. It follows the dark woodsy theme with moths and mushrooms. The monthly wrap up page is great! OwlCrate has gotten better and better at their reading journals every year, and this year is no different. I'm not sure if I'll be using mine. Every year that I plan to track, I end up not. So check out my Mercari, I might just list it ;)

The final thing in the November box is the book!

The Luminaries by Susan Dennard. The edges are sprayed in a dark blue. The cover art... HAUNTING. I haven't opened it yet to see the end pages. I have a suspicion that the November Illumicrate box will be the same, so I want to compare and decide which one to keep. Each book from OwlCrate has exclusive cover art and almost every book comes signed or with a book plate and a note from the author. 

I hope you enjoyed unboxing with me. Which gift is your favorite? Do you subscribe to any book boxes? Let me know in the comments!

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