November 25, 2022

Storytime Theme - Hats

   Looking to plan a story time session with the theme hats? Look no further! This is an exhaustive resource of all hat themed books, songs, rhymes and flannel boards for a fun hat themed story time at your library or school!

Storytime Theme: Hats 


The Red Hat by David Teague 

Brimsby’s Hats by Andrew Prahin 

The Pink Hat Andrew Joyner 

I Want My Hat Back Jon Klassen 

This Is Not My Hat Jon Klassen 

We Found A Hat Jon Klassen 

Caps For Sale 

The Cat In The Hat 

A Hat For Minerva Louise by Janet Morgan Stoeke 

Twelve Hats by Karen Katz 

Who’s Under That Hat? By David A. Carter 

Can You Keep A Secret by Pam Allen 


Flannel Boards

Caps For Sale by Storytime Shenanigans

Little Cat via Storytime Katie 



Hat, Jacket, Pants And Boots (Tune: Head Shoulders Knees And Toes) 


Silly Hat Song (This Old Man) 

On my head, I wear my hat. 

It is such a silly hat. 

That my head will wiggle waggle to and fro. 

Where else can my silly hat go? 

(Repeat using foot, elbow, knee, etc) 


The Silly Hat Song by Jbrary 


The Magic Hat (Tune: The Farmer In The Dell) 

Put on your magic hat (pretend to put on a hat) 

Put on your magic hat. 

Oh you can do most anything, in your magic hat! 

(Continue with you can hop... you can make a face.. You can sit right down) 



Hats On Everyone 

Hats on police officers starchy and blue (salute) 

Hats on fire fighters shiny and new (spray with hose) 

Hat on marchers in a band (drum) 

Hat on astronauts when they land (float) 

Hats on farmers made of straw (shovel hay) 

Hats on artists when they draw (paint) 

Hats on kids out in the sun (shade eyes) 

Hat on almost everyone! (hold hands out to side) 


Tall Hat, Short Hat 

Tall hat (arms straight up) 

Small hat (hands cupped over head) 

Big hat (arms outspred) 

Cap (hands cover head) 

Let me take them off again (repeat in reverse) 

And put them in my lap (fold hands in lap) 


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