August 8, 2022

How To Celebrate National Book Lovers Day On August 9th

National Book Lovers Day is observed annually on August 9th. It's a fun day to celebrate our favorite books, our favorite authors and our favorite bookworms. 

Are you wondering how to celebrate National Book Lovers Day? 

I've created a list of fun and creative ideas, several are low or no cost! Continue reading below to find out how to celebrate National Book Lovers Day.



Attend An Event

Check your local public library or bookstore for events near you. Many libraries host programs for all ages on National Book Lovers Day. Some bookstores even host events.

Host A Book Club

Book Club is all about coming together and discussing a good book. You don't even have to read the same book! Try a "bring your favorite book" club where participants do just that and discuss.Want to make it a regular event? You can even host your own monthly or weekly book club!

Support An Indie Author

There are thousands of indie authors out there to choose from. Many you can order books directly from their site or from independent bookstores.

Fill Your Social Media Feed With Bookish Content

Follow your favorite authors, reviewers and publishers to have a steady stream of bookish content you care about on your newsfeed. Two of my favorites are NetGalley and Goodreads!

Curl Up With A Good Book

The easiest way to celebrate National Book Lovers Day is to make time to read. Even if you can only devote 5 to 10 minutes to your latest read, that is still a wonderful way to celebrate.

Listen Up

Audiobooks are a great way to read and celebrate National Book Lovers Day when you're too busy to sit and read a physical book. Pop on some headphones while you do the laundry or make dinner, and you can easily knock out a chapter or two while multitasking. Hoopla is my favorite source for audiobooks, and it's free!

Be A Fan

Send some fan mail to your favorite author or create a positive social media post celebrating them and their work. Make sure to tag them! 

Start A Buddy Read

What better way to kick off a buddy read than on National Book Lovers Day? Grab a friend and pick a book. Don't forget to set a date and to chat as you work through the book.

Organize Your Shelves

Do you have your books organized by author last name? By title? By color? By subject? Or are they just kinda meh? National Book Lovers Day is a good day to devote to organizing your collection. 

Donate Books

Free Little Libraries are a fun way to get out in your local community and share the wealth. You can find locations ahead of time and create a route here

Listen To A Bookish Podcast

Check out a bookish podcast for new book recs and reader insights. I enjoy Books And Boba

Leave A Review

Take some time to write up a review or two of books you've read but not had a chance to write up. Reviews can help authors with exposure while also introducing your followers to new books. I made a great list to help write a great book review.

How will you be celebrating National Book Lover's Day? 

Let me know in the comments.

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